March 9, 2017
One Day for Students

Over 450 donors gave over $90,000!  
March 9 was more than a fundraising event for our students – it was a celebration of our U of S spirit and commitment to our students.

Thank you!

One Day for Students is the University of Saskatchewan’s day of giving and our university community, alumni, donors, and friends made it an amazing success! Hundreds of donors supported the enhancement of the U of S experience for several of our 20,000 students.

Thank you, Kay and Dora Nasser!

We sincerely thank the Nassers for their continued commitment ot the U of S and their support of our students.  Kay and Dora Nasser generously matched donations from the President's Student Experience Fund and the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust.  In addition, they were so inspired by the participation of our community this year, that they also matched funds donated to participating college initiatives!

Donations made on One Day for Students supported these funds:

President’s Student Experience Fund

This fund supports projects that allow students to grow their knowledge, apply their learning, or pursue once-in-a-lifetime experiences outside of the classroom. Donors gave just over $15,080 to the President's Student Experience Fund on One Day For Students.

Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust

This fund supports students who are facing unexpected financial hardship. It was established by Professor Emeritus Dr. Kay Nasser and his wife Dora. Donors provided $20,700 to the fund on One Day for Students.

We would also like to thank you for supporting these special One Day for Students initiatives:

College of Arts and Science

More than $920 was raised to support the Alumni of Influence Scholarship, which is gifted to an outstanding Arts and Science student who displays exceptional leadership qualities, community involvement, and academic achievement. 

College of Medicine

More than $2,400 was raised in support of the College of Medicine Student Award Fund, which ensures that medical are successful in their studies and can make career decisions based on their interest and abilities.

College of Dentistry

More than $3,990 was raised in support of the College of Dentistry Infrastructure Revitalization Fund, which will provide students with new equipment and enhanced learning spaces. 

College of Engineering

More than $2,400 was raised in support of the College of Engineering Student Support Fund, which will enhance the College of Engineering’s facilitated study sessions for first year students.

The impact of One Day

How your gift makes a difference

Northern Administration Students Association (NASA)

The Northern Administration Students Association (NASA) is a student-run volunteer group that supports the unique needs of students from the Northern Administration District (NAD) as they transition to post-secondary education. Supporting the President’s Student Experience Fund helps strengthen their services, which include tutoring, laptop-lending, and mentorship, as well as social and cultural outreach initiatives like their annual post-secondary exploration conference. 

U of S Space Team (USST)

The U of S Space Team (USST) is pushing the boundaries of today's technologies in order to create a future enabled by space. Support from the President’s Student Experience Fund allows them to focus on designing projects like their award-winning Mars Rover. “This kind of experience you can’t get in a classroom,” said Austin Shirley, fourth-year computer engineering student. “It’s practical, and that’s what employers like to see in new grads.”

Kehan Fu, USSU President of Student Affairs

“The unfortunate reality is that some students require urgent funding due to emergency situations,” said Kehan Fu, USSU President of Student Affairs. “Thankfully, the Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust provides critical funding for students who are faced with an unexpected financial burden and allows them to appropriately devote their attention to their courses.”

You can still help

Although One Day for Students is over, you can still give your support to U of S students and make a gift.